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Target: £74300

Athens Food Collective total raised so far: £23018.88

About this campaign

We are the Athens Food Collective

And we are raising £74,300 (€85,100) to provide food for the people: our response to COVID-19. Please join us.

Khora, Pampiraiki, Steps and the Syrian and Greek Youth Forum (SGYF) are working together to provide food for the people in Athens.

Our collective includes people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and motivations. We work with refugees, displaced people and people with street connections in Athens to get food to everybody who needs it.

Some of us have a lived experience of hunger from war, displacement and financial crisis. We all believe that wellbeing is not a dream and we act in solidarity.

COVID-19 requires an emergency response

With COVID-19, we’ve seen a massive increase in demand for our food collective. Public services have stopped, reduced or become unreliable. People are isolated and support networks are under threat.

We’re in the gap, providing access to 52,000 meals a month for the people who need it.

But we still have requests for over a 1,000 meals a day on our waiting lists. Lockdown measures will be in place at least until June. And the social and economic effects of it will be felt by our communities long after that.

Food for the people, from the people

We’re calling on you to join us. Support the Athens Food Collective so we can bring food to people who need it.

The lockdown in Greece started on 16th March. Demand for food has been so high that we need to spend an extra £24,800 (€28,400) each month to provide food. We need to raise £74,300 (€85,100) to provide food for three months in total..

Support us. Everything you donate will be spent on providing food for the people who need it.

Join us. Please donate and share now.



Khora is a volunteer collective. We usually cook around 500 hot nutritious meals every day and provide space to eat, build support networks, make friends and relax.

When COVID-19 hit, we moved to home delivery and takeaway to make sure our community had safe access to food.

Requests for meals have been rising quickly, to 2,500 a day. To reach everyone, we would need to deliver weekly food packages to some of our waiting list.

We need an extra £49,700 (€57,000) to provide food for the people.



Pampiraiki is a volunteer association. We get and distribute aid, including food, to people who need it and to other groups.

Through COVID-19, we are delivering weekly food supplies to groups and families with the means to cook. As more people are facing hunger, demand is rising.

We need an extra £11,600 (€13,300) to provide food for the people.



Steps is a grass-roots non-profit organisation. We support and empower street-connected people without discrimination. With our One Stop project, we provide food, essential goods and services in an open-air, free access space in the centre of Athens.

COVID-19 restrictions made the One Stop project impossible. But we have responded, focusing on providing food every day. We have distributed 11,000 meals with fruit and water all around Athens since 16th March.

We stand with solidarity for the people.

We need an extra £13,000 (€14,900) to continue providing food for the people who need it.


Syrian and Greek Youth Forum

We are an international activism movement in Athens. We work to build our communities, find pathways to employment and implement social inclusion. Since December, 2019, we have been cooking for Khora one day each week.

We will also be providing food packages directly to the Syrian community in Athens.

We share our food costs with Khora. Your donation will help us provide food for the people.


The Athens Food Collective is supported by a number of volunteers, funding bodies and companies. These include Help Refugees, who are receiving funds on our behalf. We are raising money for the extra cost of our combined  COVID-19 response. Join us and donate now.

Check out our websites for more information about us:

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Recent donations


SAE Athens K donated to Athens Food Collective: COVID-19 Response

9 hours, 47 minutes ago


Sarah M donated to Athens Food Collective: COVID-19 Response

2 days, 10 hours ago

Really fun Groove Tots class fundraiser!


Gemma T donated to Athens Food Collective: COVID-19 Response

2 days, 11 hours ago

Well done Jo and team, what heroes you are! Thank you xxxxx


Patrick C donated to Athens Food Collective: COVID-19 Response

3 days, 9 hours ago

Thanks for your hard work - which should not be necessary !


Jenny A donated to Athens Food Collective: COVID-19 Response

4 days, 5 hours ago