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About this campaign

The Unofficial Women and Children Centre Calais has changed its name to MEENA. MEENA means LOVE (Pashto), the place we are coming from.

Meena is a new centre for refugees in Birmingham, set up to continue our work which we started in Calais with women and children asylum seekers and refugees. The new centre is supporting women and children (and single male carers), offering a safe space and facilitating access to support and information.

We are doing outreach work to connect and support women and young people and make sure they are accessing the services that are available to them. As a collective and in partnership with other organisations, we will run drop-ins, workshops, classes, events to support integration, independent living skills, understanding ‘rights’, along with activities to enhance quality of life.

Meena strongly believes and promotes equality and as part of this all people visiting and volunteering in the Meena Centre will be members of the space. It is a shared space which all members contribute to and are a part of.

Please donate today to support refugee and asylum seeking women and children in Birmingham.

Recent donations


Sylvie B donated to Donate: Meena Centre in Birmingham

1 month, 1 week ago

Our daughter helps you on Thursday. She loves the work you do with the lovely mothers snd children and the supportive atmosphere.


An anonymous supporter donated to Donate: Meena Centre in Birmingham

1 month, 3 weeks ago


Sarah N donated to Donate: Meena Centre in Birmingham

2 months, 3 weeks ago

Hi - we got another late donation to our fundraiser event !


Sarah N donated to Donate: Meena Centre in Birmingham

2 months, 3 weeks ago

Hi - I dropped into the centre a few weeks ago to drop off some toys. I hadn't heard of you before and am really impressed by what you are trying to do. We decided to have a fundraising event with our neighbours and sold some of our stained glass decorations. I hope this donation might help with some of the activities you do with the women who visit your centre. I'd love to come and volunteer once I retire!! Good luck and Happy Christmas.


Holly P donated to Donate: Meena Centre in Birmingham

3 months, 1 week ago

To Liz and the incredible Meena team, your work is selfless, vital and inspiring. Our research visit to you for a tv project in June was life changing and this is a tiny monthly personal commitment / token to mark a resolution to be more involved with anything that might help you, time, money, awareness etc from here.