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Eva Coutts


About this campaign

In a world where not very much seems to be making sense, a charity cycle through Europe definitely does. Spend some time on a bike with some like-minded strangers, in Mediterranean sunshine (and just a wee bit of torrential rain), raising money for a really necessary cause. Last year I signed up for one week and this year I seem to be doing five. The money raised in this relay cycle ride from London to Athens goes to Help Refugees, an organisation who support grassroots refugee projects.

The number of people across the world who are being forced to flee their homes rather than face horrendous human rights violations is growing everyday. In the UN's latest figures, there are 68.5 million people currently forcibly displaced from their homes. In countries where we have the power and voice to do something, we are conveniently forgetting our 'responsibility to protect'.

Organisations supported by Help Refugees have provided aid across Europe and Lebanon through 80 different projects, from search and rescue, to women's empowerment programmes.

If you are in the position to contribute, however small, it would be a massive boost to the work of many brilliant organisations, and to my motivation for getting up these hills.

Muchos love amigos x

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