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Harri Symes


About this campaign

This year I'll be cycling / core team-ing, from London-Milan out of the whole trip. My section totals at 3111kms (with 46kms straight uphill!) and goes over all of Europe's highest mountain ranges... ouch!

Through everyone's donations, we've achieved a lot in the last few years and have made a difference. But whilst the refugee crisis drops off the media, sadly many thousands of people are still stuck in terrible living conditions and/or stuck in the bureaucracy filled asylum system, putting their lives on hold for years, often without access to education, work or safe housing.

We're fundraising for Help Refugees, one of the largest donors for grassroots refugee projects in Europe. Khora's community centre in Athens will be one of the projects we continue to support. Whilst the state and EU laws are leaving people without sufficient support, we're as proud as ever to be supporting grassroots projects like Khora, that provide people with short term needs, such as food and clothing, and more complex needs such as legal support and employability skills.

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