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Donald Harding


About this campaign

I am joining the ToS teams ( as they make their way through Europe (London to Athens) raising money for charities assisting refugees. It is an ongoing crisis and one of the most important issues of our day. The causes and solutions are complex, but raising money and awareness is one way to help resolve the crisis and to mitigate the suffering of those caught in its midst. Please donate some money if you want to contribute. We are paying to join the ride so any funds raised go 100% to the refugee organisations and charities. Attempting this stage will be a meaningful challenge for me - it is 750km with 14300m of climbing in 6 days. I love cycling, so while it will be tough, it will be a rewarding way to contribute to this cause, and with the Pyrenees to conquer, it will have enough grit and grind to ensure I finish most days with thighs of jelly!

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