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Annie Stevens


About this campaign

Using our two wheeled machines we're setting off from London to Athens for the 4th year! With three extra weeks added on to the adventure, a grand total of ten weeks and a target of £50,000 we're ready to cycle, sweat, cry and laugh

I'm behind the wheel of this Thighs of steel machine with two other wonderful women, which is and has been AMAZING and lots of FUN!! This year more than ever i'm excited for the challenge! Still so excited to cycle with over 100 people through many countries raising money for projects who are working hard on the Ground to help those fleeing their Countries. Humans like you and I, stripped of dignity and respect whilst they try and create new lives and communities. Projects we'll be supporting are giving some of these people hope, support and more in many different ways throughout Europe.

The systems aren't supporting these people, there is huge injustices and there's a lot of change to happen...step by step if we all take action change can and will come!

Any change, one less pint on a Friday for a donation? would be MAHHOOOOOSIVLY appreciated

Thanks to everyone over the last three years who've been supportive in every way!

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