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Rob Wills


About this campaign

My Oh My! Thighs of Steel! What an incredible project and adventure and all for such a great cause. I was introduced to this wonderfully wild idea just over a month ago and immediately started looking for ways to get involved. A couple of days later an incredible opportunity popped up to join the Core Team (Inner Thighs) for the last 7 weeks and that was that. I'm going to cycle reeeeeaaaallly far (Perpignan - Athens!) with this wonderful bunch of Humans to raise lots of money for Help Refugees. This is a cause I feel so passionate about and am so excited to be able to take on this challenge to help in some way. I'm so used to hearing of the refugee crisis in the news and it can all feel so far away from my day to day life sometimes. I have a great desire to help but it's been hard to know where to start. Discovering this project has turned that desire into something active and I'm already learning so much about the issues we are facing and how this money will help.

In the past 'Thighs of Steel' has raised £239,000 and so far the money raised has solely gone to the Khora’s Community Centre in Athens, on their rent, bills and maintenance. This has enabled them to serve over 240,000 meals, provide 5326 legal assessments, hold 6620 classes and work on over 2553 teeth in the dentistry! Enough money has already been raised to cover Khora's rent and bills for the next year, so fundraising this year will extend to Help Refugees and the many grassroots projects they fund.

This ride is an adventure in the truest sense. The whole project is run on a tiny budget so all the money raised can go to places where it's needed most. This means we will all have to work as a team together and support each other through lots of unknown challenges such as having no idea where we will sleep at night, washing in lakes and rivers, scaling mountain ranges, relying on the kindness of strangers and tackling many obstacles along the way. The ride takes the format of a cycle relay where each week long leg is completed in a small, tight-knit group. I will be riding the last 7 weeks as a member of the 'Inner Thighs' supporting new riders and groups each week and helping to facilitate practical arrangements such as looking for places to camp at night, roadside bike fixing and cooking for the team along with many other things!

I spent some time recently reading through the memories of people who have cycled with 'Thighs of Steel' in previous years and in all of them the strongest messages are ones of love, adventure, togetherness, kindness and a desire to create a better and fairer world. I can't wait to get out on the road and explore the next chapter of this beautiful and compassionate story.

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