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Saliha Majeed-Hajaj


About this campaign

Cycling through 4 countries in 1 week!

I'm back on my wheels for the second time in a row to embark on the challenge of the year - Thighs of Steel. This year the team will be cycling from London to Athens over 10 weeks and I will be joining them on their penultimate leg from Dubrovnik (Croatia) to Igoumenitsa (Greece) (Inshallah). Cycling 670km over 6 days with an ascent of 8200m, through four mountainous and hot countries! Both a mental and physical challenge I am embracing it with open arms and wobbly legs..

I have paid all the expenses and so every penny donated will go straight to Help Refugees, who fund grassroots refugee projects. Like last year, donations will go towards Khora Community Centre which is an 8-floor community centre in Athens.

So far, Thighs of Steel have funded Khora's rent, bills and maintenance since they opened in 2016, and have paid for their new community centre's rent for the next 3 years too. "Help Refugees" have supported many 1000's of people in the work they do, and this donation will continue to provide support for grassroots communities who need the most direct aid.

As ever, I am very grateful for anything that you can share with "Help Refugees" as they work towards providing a safe space for vulnerable migrants across Europe...and here's to hoping I'm going to fly up those steep mountains!

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