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Tash Ferguson


About this campaign

In 2017 I joined forces with a bunch of wonderful people I'd never met before to cycle from London to Paris. I decided to cycle really far to show solidarity for refugees stuck in unimaginable conditions in Athens with little to no state support, whilst raising vital funds for the amazing Khora refugee hub.

Two years on, empathetic media coverage has almost entirely disappeared and nationalist rhetoric has risen, but the fact that displaced humans are stuck in appalling conditions and indefinite limbo across Europe hasn't. This is why I'm steeling my far weaker thighs (and ankles) and riding once more to support Help Refugees - an incredible organisation working alongside refugees in Northern France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Serbia and the UK.

On 12th July I'll set off to ride 420 miles from Paris to Bordeaux over 6 days. I LOVE cycling and I'm really hoping this will be an amazing adventure but averaging 70 miles a day, every day - will be a big physical challenge. All riders are 100% self-funding all our costs for the ride so all money raised goes straight to where the human need is greatest.

Thanks so much for your kindness and support xx

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