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Patrick Symes


About this campaign

Thighs of Steel is an charity cycle ride that cycles from London to Athens in the form of week long relays. I have signed up to cycle the first week, which is from London to Paris.

Last year, I cycled from London to Brussels for Thighs of Steel. So you would think I have an advantage knowing what I am up against. Oh no! All I know now is what I am up against, it was one of the hardest and grueling weeks of my little life and for some reason I have decided to do it again.

This is why...

The money goes straight to a grassroots charity, Khora. They're giving much needed support, love and care to refugees.
These families believe it is more safe to cross countries and seas with nothing at all, than it is to stay in their home and as you can imagine, your support really makes a big difference to the welcome they receive in Athens.

Please donate as much as you can spare

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