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Christine Spernbauer

Vienna, Austria

About this campaign

Since the European refugee crisis began, many millions of people have been forced to flee to Europe by land or sea. For a vast majority of these people, their struggle isn't over, the challenges they face continue in new ways. Children are growing up without access to education or real homes. Support from NGOs and government bodies is proving insufficient. A lack of support and funding, teamed with unhurried bureaucracy, means lives are put on hold.

The official reason aside, I love THIGHS of STEEL and its hands-on approach, taking action for a good cause. I want to be part of this journey and its bigger goal, challenge myself, cross boarders in Europe and raise awareness for migration, integration and free movement.

Support this brilliant initiative and its beneficiaries, as well as me to complete my personal challenge, recalibrating limits and get out of my comfort zone.

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