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Catherine Goodwin


About this campaign

This August I'll be joining Thighs of Steel in Milan where I'll cycle for 2 mountainous weeks and finish up in Dubrovnik. I'll be cycling 810km in 8 days over the Italian Alps and Slovenian forest. In the second week I'll be riding for 680km along coastal roads and craggy cliffs. Ahhh! That's 1490km altogether! I have never done long distance cycling in my life! It'll be very hot, sweaty, smelly ( the only showers in sight will be mirages) but it's to raise money for a cause that I believe is very important.

The money raised from this ride goes to Help Refugees, an organisation who support grassroots refugee projects.

Here are some examples Help Refugees have made an impact so far:
• 722,500 People helped
• £10,000,000 raised to date, 94% of which has gone directly helping refugees
• 6,000 people have been rescued from dangerous seas
• 16,500 children treated at Hope Hospital in Syria with their support
• 1,000,000 meals distributed in Calais in 12 months alone

All the money I raise will be going directly to Help Refugees where we are aiming collectively to raise £50,000.

This mission is important to me because it's a chance to make a small difference in a huge global crisis. As someone who packed up my life, willingly, to move overseas, I cannot begin to imagine the struggle of being forced out of your home and thrust into an unfamiliar and uncertain future.

If you are in a position to donate, no matter how small, I would be incredibly grateful (my thighs will be in agony but that's my fault entirely).

Much love x

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