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Naomi Welford


About this campaign

Oh wow! Somehow I have found myself preparing to cycle from Corfu to Athens with Thighs of Steel in September! In case you hadn't realised this is a reAAAALLLLY long way (590km in 6 days to be exact) with around 8500m of uphill! I can't even begin to imagine what that will be like having not done anything like this before, ever, eeeek!


I'm taking on this personal challenge to raise money for Help Refugees. As an organisation they take a 'fieldwork- first' approach to aid, meaning maximum money spent on the aspects that help and impact people the most. Especially important as since the refugee crisis began many millions of people have been forced to flee to Europe where the challenges to their lives continue in complex ways. Once more, on arrival to Europe, often due to insufficient support teamed with unhurried bureaucracy, lives continue to be put on hold.

So why cycling?

This year, Thighs of Steel consists of over 100 people who will just be using the power of peddling to get collectively from London to Athens to raise awareness and money to support people who do not have freedom of movement. Thighs of Steel is an amazing, inspiring project with adventure at its core. The project is run on a tiny budget so all money raised goes directly to the projects that are supported. Since Thighs of Steel began over £239,000 has been raised, and so far the money has gone solely towards the Khora Community Centre in Athens. Enough money has already been raised to cover Khora's rent and bills for the next year, so fundraising this year will extend to Help Refugees and the many grassroots projects they support.

Starting in London in July, the 2019 route is broken up into nine individual weeks and passes through France to the Pyrenees before swinging east to cross through the Alps, then down through Croatia and Albania, finally arriving in Athens in mid-September. I'm joining the final leg where I will arrive hot, definitely sweaty and (hopefully) somewhat fitter into Athens... If you would like to donate I would be amazingly grateful for your support. Fear not- none of the money goes towards me doing this adventure (we pay for that separately) - all money donated goes straight to Help Refugees.

Biggest thanks and padded cycling pants,

Naomi x

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